Clove and it’s Theraputic Values

Here are some of my notes on the use of Clove buds. A common kitchen spice but with some very under used, undervalued therapeutic qualities.   *Please note the addendum on ‘Depression”.


Off. Name: Eugenia Caryophylatta
Aromatic, Analgesic, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, vermifuge.
Although prized as a cooking spice and even burned for incense for centuries because of its highly aromatic and cleansing qualities.

Some pertinent side notes on the therapeutic uses of Cloves.
Clove is the unopened buds of a large tropical evergreen tree, primarily from Madagascar, Zanzibar but now, the Philippines, Asia and So America.
The essential oil from clove buds has been used for centuries as an remedy for toothache because the oil, (Eugenol) is highly analgesic when it comes in contact with the mucosa (membrane lining) causing numbness to the affected area, thus diminishing tooth/ gum pain. Also In folklore, Keeping 2 clove buds between tongue and cheek then sucking on the two clove buds will reduce cravings, ie: alcohol, tobacco.
In Chinese Medicine Clove has historically been used to treat Diarrhea, ringworm, athletes foot for it’s anti-fungal qualities.

Although the primary therapeutic uses of clove is usually as an adjunct to other herbal preparations. Clove is one of those herbs that are synergistic in nature allowing other herbs to work well. Traditional uses include placing one or two buds of Clove to steep in a tea or glass of warm water as an effective Digestive aid, reduce Nausea and stop vomiting. Because Clove being a Both Gram Negative AND Gram Positive anti-bacterial, it has a high capacity of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and even anti-viral uses as a medicinal adjunct.

 Clove Oil, (Eugenol) has been used by dentists, (until recently) for root canal and dental surgury. Essential oil of Clove placed one drop at a time on a cavity, tooth ache, even tooth or gum abcess is highly effective in reducing pain immediately and controling gum infection. (This application really works when you can’t get to a dentist right away) The effects are immediate.

 Clove’s anti-fungal, vermifugal abilities also have been used to kill and dispel worms and parasites from the digestive tract by killing the eggs of the parasite when used as a hot infusion/ tea.

A single Clove bud dropped into a hot/ warm infusion of a regular cup of tea provides a stimulating/ warming uplifting feeling, settling stomach complaints, aiding nausea. Studies have shown that Clove can be as effective as St. Johns wort in the treatment of Depression. I use Clove  as one of the primary ingredients in an herbal tincture specifically for the natural treatment of Depression.

Also:  I have a quick fix for Sinus infection, Bronchial cough and expectorant for congested lungs, using Clove. 

 Place in a small glass or ceramic bowl:

 6 oz. warm tap water

1/4 tsp of Cinnamon

1/4 tsp of ground Clove or 5 Clove Buds

1/4 tsp of fresh Grated (preferred) or powdered Ginger

1/2 tsp Thyme herb (Also a powerful anti-septic)

 Heat in the Microwave for two minutes.  Place on table, next to a chair.

 ** Add 2 drops of essential oil of Eucalyptus.  Immediately sit with face over the bowl and cover head with a towel. Breathe vapors deep.

 This will trigger an immediate cough response as the vapors will break break up sinus and bronchial congestion.

 Breathe the vapors deep and repeat as necessary.

 (I will cover the bowl or place in a sealed jar and place in the refrigerator. Can be reheated and used for another day or two) Just add another drop of the eucalyptus as this is lost in the vapor.

Immediate and remarkable relief

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