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The general advice, information, and instructions contained in the Belfire Botanicals blog content is intended only as a general reference for further exploration, it is not intended as a replacement for professional health advice.  Belfire Botanicals does not provide dosage information, format recommendations, toxicity levels, or possible interactions with prescription drugs or other items.  We urge you to consult your qualified health care professional such as a naturopathic physician when using any of the Belfire Botanicals blog content.  Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical or health-related advice from your health care professional because of Belfire Botanicals herbal content.

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3 responses to “Terms of Service

  1. Lisa

    hey Rod, looks like you are on a roll with your blog! I read a couple and they are very informative. I like the one with the cloves because I miss having clove oil laying around. My top wisdom tooth is trying to peek through but has stalled. It just hurts when i touch it but not constent. I remember using clove oil for the ones on my bottom, when they were trying to come in and it worked great! The other day my bf had a really bad tooth ache n nothing worked and no one had clove oil! It is so hard to find up here. I have also been thinking about making tea, from real herbs and not the bags but i dont remember what kind we use to have or always make. What kind was it? i know you use to get herbs in bulk so i dont think it was very expensive but it could have been. There are just so many out there that i get soo contused! Say are you selling the Chalodal (? can’t spell today) haha Silver generators? I was hoping to get one to make some. Thanks, Lisa

  2. Anonymous

    Rod- What do I say, or rather what can I say . . . You are an amazing man who has come into my life when I least expected, but needed. (Thank you God or maker or whatever you are, for leaving him here for a few more . . . days, months, years, decades) His wisdom has made me smile and made me (and certainly others) feel better . . . I laugh to my wife that I have a witch doctor, and I believe in that truly. Always- K. O’Donnell

  3. I found you on totally natural goats and as listed as an angora goat breeder who is natural. Not many out there!

    Do you breed angoras and sell kids? I am interested for this year (but assume that is unlikely) so planning for next year.

    I also use herbs ( beginner) and homeopathy. All organic foodstuffs and natural browse.

    Let me know and meanwhile, I’ll learn on your website! Judy

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