Balms, Salves and Remedies

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TinMan’s Balms, Salves and Remedies

3 sizes:        Sample size: $3.50           Small 4 oz jar: $8.00                Large 8 oz jar: $14.00    


TinMan’s Anti-Itch Salve ~ for relief of burning, itching skin conditions from dermatitis, contact allergies (ie: nettles), bug bites, itching in intimate areas.  Ingredients:  Burdock Root, Chickweed, Comfrey, Grindelia,

TinMan’s Healing Skin Salve (formerly Burn Balm) ~ “Not just for Burns” A soothing, healing salve for the skin.  Aids in healing cracked & chapped skin, burns, abrasions, cuts and many other skin irritations.  Ingredients:  Calendula, Comfrey, Lavender, Plantain, St. John’s Wort, Olive Oil, Beeswax

TinMan’s Healing Skin Salve for Eczema ~ Same ingredients as the “original” but instead of olive oil it is made with Castor oil for its drawing properties.

TinMan’s Hemostat ~ an Herbal Styptic.  Aids in stemming minor bleeding from cuts, scrapes, lacerations, avulsions, and scratches.  Aids in healing bruises.  Ingredients:  Plantain, Yarrow, Olive Oil, Beeswax

TinMan’s Joint Remedy (Best Seller!!) ~ A soothing balm for massaging into aching joints and backs; works great with knee and hip pain.  For use with chronic arthritis pain, connective tissue and joint damage.  It has Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory properties.  Ingredients:  Comfrey Root, Devils Claw, Ginger Root, Plantain,  Sarsaparilla Root, White Pine Bark, and a touch of Cayenne; infused in olive oil with beeswax and essential oil of wintergreen.

TinMan’s Red Dragon Balm ~ available soon.

TinMan’s Thieves Oil Ointment ~ available soon.

TinMan’s Trauma Compound Salve ~ Treatment for acute trauma, torn muscles/ligaments, dislocations, sprains/strains, bruised ribs, arthritic and rheumatoid pain.  **Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.  Ingredients: Arnica, Calendula, St. John’s Wort infused in olive oil with added beeswax.   **Use as an adjunct therapy with Trauma Compound Tincture.

Lip Balm

Wonderful feeling balms that aid in keeping your lips soft, supple, free from chapping and cracking using all natural ingredients.

$3.50 each  0.5 oz

Lavender Lip Balm ~ soothingly scented lip balm made with Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Lavender essential oil, and Beeswax

Cool as Ice Peppermint Lip Balm ~ refreshingly cool and minty lip balm made with Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Peppermint oil, Wintergreen oil, and Beeswax

Other flavors coming soon.


5 responses to “Balms, Salves and Remedies

  1. laura Pates

    Hello tinman my name is Laura Pates My brotherinlaw Marc Leslie let me use some thieves oil, it really helped my legs i have lymphdema in my legs and now trouble with other problems im really interested in getting some thieves oil could you let me know how much and i will send you the money for some thankyou my email is

  2. Hello!

    Random message here! I am a development producer at Original Media in NYC. I’m always on the hunt for interesting characters in interesting worlds. Currently, we are looking for Doctors/Medicine Men who live and work in very REMOTE parts of the world. Their clients live in places where there are no roads in, no roads out and a snowmobile or seaplane might be the only way of transportation.

    After reading about Rod’s story and work in Tim MacWelch’s article “Wilderness Survival: Visiting a Modern-Day Medicine Man” – I was fascinated and would love to speak with Rod if he is interested.

    Additionally if you know anyone that might be perfect or interested in speaking with me – please feel free to pass along my info!

    P: 212-683-3086 x 152

  3. Rod, Just a note to say thank you for the MANY items you’ve provided me with. The Teas are amazing to say the least. But I wanted to let you know about another use I’ve found for Red Dragon Balm – use it on fire ant bites! WOW! Itching stops almost immediately. The Thieves Ointment has been great this year. My entire office has had the “crud” but NOT yours truly! I carry the sample size in my pocket as I deal with the public a great deal – so it’s always at hand when I’m going into any office or crowd. Love your stuff….. keep it coming!

  4. Dorothy

    I would like to order some thieves oil and balm when u have time please let me know sizes available. thanks D

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