About The TinMan

Some years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal, stage 4 cancer of the Larynx and Trachia.  My prognosis wasn’t very good. Less than 1%, my physician told me, to live more than a year.  I new I would only survive if I took charge of my own wellness.
I did.
I studied herbals and alternative treatments during that year. From juicing fresh vegetables (which gave me strength and stamina), to designing an herbal regimen to strengthen and nourish my depleted immune system and to combat my disease.
It’s been 25 years since then. My quest for survival led me to a passion I still share today. I believe what I did was right and just and I wish that others may share this knowledge as well.
Take charge of your own wellness not to survive, but to Thrive.
The TinMan


21 responses to “About The TinMan

  1. Hi Rod, really love the website and wish I had more time to spend here—maybe over the winter???! I have something to ask your advice on though. What can be done for skin cancer? I have some (suspected) on my forehead, thought of all the people I know, you might have some insight. Thanks, really, really glad to have you and the new site here! I’ll mention it in the next Gilley’s newsletter, ok? J

  2. Tin Man

    thank you Jill for the kind words. Also thank you for mentioning my site in your newsletter. The epanded interest in the site is much appreciated.
    My answer to you regarding some skin caner is one word, “Cansema”
    if you cant find it write to me at my e-mail.

  3. Sharyn Young

    Hey Rod. you are so fast!! i really liked and will use some of your suggestions. i am not so sure about the MERSA but that is a whole ‘nother conversation. thanx for the link….will get some good ideas out of this. take care. good to see you at jason’s.

  4. dawn d reak

    i just found your site (from survivalblog.com). always been interested in the alternatives to conventional medicine, and i like what i’ve read so far here. a question for you…have you heard of lichen plantis?? if so..any remedies available that you know? i plan on visiting here often..thank-you for the info you give…

    • Tin Man

      Dawn, I don’t know a lot about Lichen. I do know it is a symbiotic plant of more than two organisms. It’s an singal cell Alge that is hosting a fungus. I know the alge is rich in phytonutrients and it is and can be used as an survival food. Other than that I have not used it for any herbal remedies, not saying that it may be valuable as an natural remedy also. Just don’t have enough experience with it

  5. Kevin

    Hello. I met you at the Community Market last weekend. I love this website, but have lots more reading to do in the archives. Please contact me about your next wildcrafting outing. I have a couple of questions for you. Any recommendations for the treatment of multiple myeloma? Especially herbal treatments to strengthen kidney function since this form of cancer effects the kidneys by causing high levels of calcium. Second, do you know of any good local sources for medicinal herbs for my garden? I’m especially interested in locating Arnica, Boneset, Purple Coneflower, Fennel, Valerian, and Echinacea.

    • Tin Man

      Hi Kevin,
      Glad you like my blog. I’ll be at the community market again on Saturday. But we will be setting up inside as the sun was taking a toll on Susan’s fresh baked goods. If you’re looking for a good local source of medicinal herbs, we are going to be your best bet. We are growing most of my herbs out on our acreage. I know Susan has planted for sale Purple Cone Flower (Echinacea Angustifolia), Bronze Fennel, Valerian, and for the good news, Purple Boneset is known Locally as Joe Pye Weed. It’s a wonderful plant to harvest and it grows wild here everywhere. I will have to show you on our next wildcrafting class.
      The next wildcrafting class will be in June or mid July.

  6. Bobbie C. Howerton

    I met you at the Danville Farmers Market on 25th. I am interested in any information on herbs that help me. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had chemo and just had a mastetcomy in which they also removed 15 lymph nodes (6 had cancer) the breast removed was clear.

  7. Tin Man

    Yes Bobbie, Indeed I remember you. I will be happy to guide, assist or help you in anyway I can. Please e-mail me at tinmaniswise@live.com. I will work with you.

  8. Karen Durand

    Hi Tinman, I have just been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the plural space between my chest wall and my right lung. Have had a CT scan that they say shows it is not in the lung. I have had a needle biopsy that determined it is malignant and they are sending that off to a oncologist in New York to determine more. I have also had a PET scan that has determined that it may have spread to a rib. They now want to do another CT scan.

    At this time I am living in BFE Arkansas and I have to go to Jonesboro, AR to see the pulmonologist and St Bernards Hospital for the testing. I am originally from Muskegon, MI and want to go home for the treatment. My family is there and they are my support system.

    I have applied for Medicaid here in Arkansas and have not gotten a determination on that yet. Do you think it is wise of me to insist on going back to Michigan at this point.

    I intend to treat myself with botanicals and herbs instead of chemo and radiation. So I will be contacting you a lot for your knowledge.

    I believe that chemo and radiation is nothing more than prolonging your suffering and a way for doctors and pharmaceutical companies to make a lot of money. I have no insurance at this time.

    Please advise me.

    Karen Durand

  9. Tin Man

    Dear Karen,
    Irregardless of the course of treatment ‘you’ decide on. I would recommend that you return home to Michigan. That’s where your family and primary support system is. Believe me, you will need it. It’s not easy being sick and sometimes feeling overwhelmed without family and friends close by for support.
    Please continue to follow up with me at my personal e-mail address.
    I will be available to offer my support and suggestions.

  10. I am immensely enjoying this place you’ve created! You have much wisdom, and I am grateful to have found you through your Like on one of my blogs. I love your photo of Plantain at the bottom of this blog, and have happily allowed a plant to mature in my perennial garden. At first I cut off the seed stalks but now I am letting it go, since it is at the edge, right under one if the spruce trees, and I can allow a patch to form. I know how it helps soothe stings and burns. However that is all I know about plantain so far: to chew a leaf until pulpy and place on a sting. I know I’ll find more info here on your amazing blog. With gratitude, Gina

  11. Tin Man

    Dear Gina…… I’m pleased you found my web blog. Most of my writings are anecdotal. I try to relay my experiences with life and all the wonders it brings.. I am an practicing therapeutic herbalist. I still passionately follow the journey I have set for myself,
    helping others with the healing herbs that surround us all.
    The herb Plantain, (Plantago Major – broad leaf / & Plantago Ovata – narrow leaf) are truly some of my favorite herbs. I chuckled a bit when you mentioned chewing the plantain leaf and applying the pulpy mash to a bee sting as I did this to my friend who was stung when a bee was caught under her bonnet so to speak… The results were remarkable. I also use plantain in a burn remedy because of its ability to heal tissues. I Use Plantain as a blood clotting agent to stem passive bleeding both topically and internally as a tea. Plantain can be used directly on a wound to stop bleeding and it is slightly antiseptic.
    Because of Plantain’s anti-histamine qualities, I’d like to share a favorite blend of tea you can drink anytime, (I like this as an after dinner tea beverage sweetened with honey.
    mix in a common bowl,
    4 parts dried plantain leaf
    1 part Thyme (kitchen spice)
    1 part dried Rose Hips
    Place 1 TBS of this herb mixture in a tea infuser/ tea ball or a paper coffee filter and let steep in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes.
    The tea has a bold earthy flavor, full bodied and sweeten as desired.
    It is somewhat anti-histaminic and helps dry sinuses and dry up watery eyes. I find it a pleasant after dinner tea, especially in cool fall or winter weather. It’s also a nice tea to sip if you are nursing a sore throat because the Thyme Herb is a natural broad spectrum antibiotic. The rose hips are also loaded with vitamin C

  12. Claudette Betty

    HI Rod, Your brother Al told me about you because of my interest in Herbs & Holistic alternatives to drugs. I am an RN. Love your website. Could you recommend a remedy for Osteoporosis?

    • Anonymous

      hi Claudette,
      Thank you for the kind comment.
      I have a special tea i drink, not specifically for osteoporosis. But my special blend is extremely high in natural botanical based minerals and nutrients, it certainly would benefit anyone with low calcium absorption.
      i drink this tea every night before i go to bed as it helps relax me as well. Secondly, it’s delicious.
      I mix in a common bowl:
      1 -2 parts oatstraw (depends on taste0
      1 part comfrey leaf
      1 part nettle leaf
      1 part red clover
      1 part red raspberry
      1/2 part hibiscus flowers (dried/ crushed in my mortar and pestle)
      place in an airtight contain.
      use 1 heaping TBS per cup of hot water to make a te with. I use a small french press or a tea ball works well.
      sweeten as desired (I use a tsp. of brown or raw sugar)
      This tea blend, because of it’s high calcium and magnesium helps relax and dilate blood vessels, (lowers my blood pressure naturally) but this will also elevate your serum calcium levels with no side effects.
      the original purpose of this tea blend was to benefit my neuro/ muscular system. it is very soothing.
      if you have any further questions, contact me at my e-mail address

  13. Todd Browning

    Hello, I found your site through OL. I have really enjoyed it so far and I am overwhelmed at the information you have on this site. You sir are a real treasure, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I live in southern WV. Do you know of anything that grows here that may totally cleanse the body and increase energy levels. Ginseng grows here wild so that would be a given for energy level increases, but a natural body toxin cleanse eludes me at the moment.

  14. Vincent Belfire

    In 1962 my dad left New Jersey and ended up in IL. He changed his name and made up a last name. He was staying in a Bel Air Hotel. He don’t remember how he came up with fire. I was Born in 1963 with this made up last name. I was born Vincent Belfire. When I was younger you never came across the name Belfire, Now it is appearing every were. I would be interested in knowing how you came up with the name for this website.

    • Tin Man

      I’ve always been fascinated with Norse mythology. In medieval Scandinavia the Belfire was a springtime ritual of community bonfire on or round the lst of April/ early may. it was a community celebration where you brought out old, worn out things (furniture, etc.) and set them ablaze. this was done to make way for the new. i was at a cross roads in my life and wanted/ needed a new direction. i was looking for a online presence and the name ‘belfire’ jumped out at me… it seemed to fit. i was ready to let go of some things in my past and looking forward to something new
      i am n herbalist. I decided to call my practice ‘Belfire Botanicals’.
      I’m glad you found my site. i hope you can glean some worthy information from me. if you have any questions on herbalism/ herbology or plant medicine, don’t hesitate to ask.

  15. Elizabeth Center

    Tin Man, I was referred to you by Susan McGuire…I have diabetes and I don’t want to take the med and insulin the docs keep telling me is the” only way and just get over it”
    I am currently taking Bitter Melon in pill form as I find it hard to get the fresh stuff for my smoothies.
    Any suggestions?

  16. Anonymous

    Contact me through my e-mail for personal info. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can.
    reach me at tinmaniswise@live.com

  17. Donna Stiles

    Hi Rod
    I love your website.
    I will b passing ur websit on to friends and family.
    My name is Donna, I got your name from
    Tim Welsh. I took one of his classes back in October. A friend of mine has had a tumor (shrinking do to predizone) in the middle of her back
    for the last two years non cancerous. Leasons are the problem they are growing and rapping around various arteries and organs.
    Any input would b greatly appreciated.
    Donna Stiles
    434 981 0601
    ps Do u have any classes or dicussions coming up in 2016?

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