Stomach virus and the 24 hour thingy

 Stomach virus and the 24 hour ‘Thingy’

 What some people refer to as a ‘stomach virus’ is sometimes actually a mild form of food poisoning.  You can most likely tell if it is food poisoning by the rapid onset, and when I mean rapid, it’s like “here I go just a walking down the street — singing….. ‘Doo Waa … I feel great”….. then Wham!… you get hit by a bus….that rapid.  Suddenly you’re hit by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  That is most often some sort of food poisoning.  The best and fastest way to remedy bacteriological food poisoning is with a 1 oz internal dose of Colloidal silver.  It kills the causative bacterium almost on contact.  You will feel totally revived in 20 minutes. I ‘ve personally experienced food poisoning (of varying degrees) three times.  Two of those times it brought me to my knees, like getting hit by a truck from the inside.  The last time it happened to me I swallowed 1 oz of colloidal silver and within minutes regained my composure as the cramping ceased.  Salmonella, Botulism and even E-Coli can be killed with colloidal silver.  For those of you who are ‘prepper’ oriented, Colloidal silver should be part of your preps AND in your BOB.

Now if your particular gastric distress is something else other than food poisoning, such as an intestinal virus, influenza, bacterial (streptococcus), or a Candida (Yeast) overgrowth, colloidal silver may still be helpful.  CS is very valuable to enhance your immune response so your body can fight the viral attack naturally. If this is the case there are some very helpful herbal remedies available to help combat this as well.

Oregano (Oreganum Vulgarus) is highly anti-viral, especially the essential oil of Oregano, according to studies done at Brigham Young University and was proven to kill over 600 types of viruses.

Thyme (Thymus Vulgarus) Yes, the kitchen spice is a potent, broad spectrum antibiotic (both Gram Positive AND Gram Negative) and anti-viral.  Thyme is highly effective specific to throat and respiratory conditions.

Rosemary  (Rosemarinus officinials) Rosemary was used in French hospitals/sick rooms during the ‘black death’ during the 11th century to combat the plague. For a millennia Rosemary has been a proven virus fighter.

Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) contain volatile oils, flavanoids and tannins which combat infection.

Biscuit root (Lomatium disectum) also known as Desert Parsley was found during the Lewis and Clark expedition.  They discovered that Native American Indians in the North West would use it as a survival food (Biscuit flour) as well as a medicine to combat influenza and infection.

Clove Buds, yes, highly aromatic clove is a powerful anti-viral
Juniper Berries

and one of my favorites:

Olive Leaf (specific to Liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal) is also a major vasodilator for blood pressure and cardiovascular events.

This short list of medicinal anti-viral herbs are mostly spices commonly found in your kitchen and or any grocery store.  However,  when used and prepared properly, they are also some very potent infection fighters.

Here are some easy ways to prepare these ‘Spices’ for use (especially in a crisis situation and unable to get to a pharmacy or maybe even a physician).

Prepare as:

Medicinal tea: 

A warm infusion of a blending a tablespoon of some of these herbs are not only nutritious and tasty but very effective medicinally.

Can be made from a blend of these herbs and spices. A tincture is made by using a solvent (Usually alcohol/ brandy/ vodka but also Apple cider Vinegar), to extract the phytonutrients from the plant.


Place 1/3 of an herbal blend in a small airtight jar with a lid. Cover the herbal blend with an alcohol solvent menstrum, (Brandy, Vodka or to keep a non alcohol base, even ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) by twice as much leaving a head space in the jar for swelling of the dried herbs or if more alcohol is needed later. Cover the jar with a tight lid, shake well and again shaken daily.  Label and date the jar.  Tinctures must be made in advance as the herbs used must be soaked/ infused in the solvent (menstrum) from 4 – 6 weeks then strained off and the infused liquid decanted into a bottle labeled for use later as needed. Tinctures are to be taken by the dropper full or teaspoon. They are generally fast acting and very effective and can be custom targeted to effect a certain area of the body.


A poultice can be made quickly to treat a topical/ localized wound to fight or prevent an infection by making a strong tea (infusion) or a decoction of the herbs.  This strong tea is then allowed to cool, then a dressing soaked in the infused solution and applied directly to the wound or infection site.  The dressing then covered by plastic (Saran) wrap to keep it moist. Then a bandage applied over the dressing to keep it in place.

Anti-viral herbs such as these can also be of benefit in a sick room, (especially where children are). Prepare by blending these herbs/ spices in olive oil (any cooking oil will do) at a ratio of 1:2.  Then heat them and the oil for 24 hours in a crock pot or a low heat burner or heavy pot.  Strained off and the infused oil is preserved in a bottle/ jar.  When needed, add a few drops of the oil to an aromatherapy burner (a small vessel heated by a candle to burn off the vapors from the oil). This oil vapor will permeate a sick room (child’s bedroom) and the health benefits will reach the patient that way.

I personally have used this method to eradicate black mold from a room after a flooding incident.  8 hours of burning these anti-viral herbs in an aromatherapy infuser in a closed off room completely destroyed the mold that was growing up the wall in one day. (I burned it 2 days just to make sure).


A few drops of this herbal infused oil by the crock pot method will permeate the skin when rubbed in topically, ie: placing a few drops of the oil on the bottom of the feet and covered by warm socks is a great way to introduce herbs to the body, especially when there is vomiting present.  A well renowned French Herbalist Maurice Messgue treated all his patients with this method including heads of state and royalty of Europe back in  the 1930’s and 40’s.

If you’d like to know more about using herbal remedies in a bug out or crisis situation or have specific questions about herbal medicine, e-mail me at or comment at this web-blog (





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  1. Excellent article, thank you. This is the first one I have received; I don’t know why but I am pleased that I did. Can I post this to Facebook? Everyone should read it.

    • Tin Man

      You hadn’t received any previous posts…. because I have been terribly lax at writing on the blog. I have been so busy with other things that I just had lost interest in writing there. This post actually started out as a response comment on another blog i read. it was too lengthy to poat as a comment so i rewrote it and posted it on my own blog. Please feel free to repost anywhere you feel it would be appropriate Verda…… Thank you dear. Rod

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      • I understand entirely. My website and its blogs have been neglected due to the need to give my attention to other things. I am glad I didn’t miss something critical. I am, by the way, deeply saddened about Lily. I had formed something of a vicarious attachment via FB.

      • Tin Man

        losing lilly was sad for us all. She was a sweet tempered doe. she was having triplets and two were still born. When we had to go in and deliver them for her, (she was too weak), poor Lilly went into shock and died. we saved one of her kids and we are bottle feeding her

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      • Honestly, I actually cried. I am so pleased one of her kids survived. It will have all her wonderful qualities.


    Thank you for this very informative and timely post!


    Lucy Williams

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    From cell… Can show your site.

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