Letter re: Diabetes and Pancreatitis

Dear friends,

I have been looking into herbal alternatives for the treatment of Pancreatitis. My Sister has type 1 adult onset diabetes to which she gives herself daily injections of insulin. She has trouble maintaining a decent level of Blood glucose and deals with frequent hard to control glucose spikes. Because of this erratic Rx, and the undue stress on her glandular system  she has been having periodic episodes of Pancreatitis. This s very painful and she always ends up in the hospital with IV’s and a Morphine drip to control the pain. This is NOT conducive to getting better, as this most often used method by most allopathic physicians today of “treating the symptoms instead of the problem”, almost always ends up badly as Chronic Pancreatitis. Because of the continued stress on the glandular system, Chronic Pancreatitis usually leads to Pancreatic Cancer. She’s not there yet, but I have her maintained with Olive Leaf extract (Besides being anti-biotic is specific to healing: Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder and Biliary syst.) I also asked her to take a daily dose of the supplement “Chlorella”, as an anti-cancer/ anti-tumor super food. Since she has been following my herbal/ natural regimen she has not had another attack and has not been back to the ER at the hospital.

My research has led me to Dr. John Christopher who, until his death,  ran the Christopher School of Natural Healing. He did extensive research in treating diabetes, pancreatitis and liver diseases herbally.

Dr. Christopher realized that the pancreas works in conjunction with the Pineal gland, the Pituitary gland and the Adrenal glands. They work secondary to the pancreas but work in conjunction with it and must be treated as well. (something modern medicine fails to address).

His premise is to treat Diabetes effectively, you must heal the pancreas first. The diabetic condition in most patients will usually diminish and most often reverse itself if there’s not been too much damage and the pancreas is still able to produce insulin.  I wholeheartedly agree. Treating the secondary glands is just as important, ( Pineal,  Adrenals, Pituitary) as treating the pancreas, thus the Diabetic condition).

His formula below was very successful.

16 parts of cedar Berry (Juniperus Monosperma)

1 part each of the following

1 pt Goldenseal to heal and reduce swelling of inflamed tissues.

1 pt Uva Ursi to cleanse the Nephrons in the kidneys / soothe the adrenals

1 pt Cayenne Pepper: Capscaicin)  as a vaso dilator

1 pt :Licorice Root: soothing/ moderates adrenal activity (very healing to the glandular syst.) (Caution here as prolonged use of Licorice may cause an increase in blood  pressure)

1 pt Mullein leaf as a hormone/ glandular modulater/ keeps hormones balanced. Mullein also relaxes smooth (Un-Striated) muscle tissue.

I recommend making a tincture/  Fluid extract using Apple Cider Vinegar as the carrier solvent by soaking all the above ingredients in the ACV for 4 – 6 weeks in a sealed jar then strained off, (decanting) reserving the liquid.

Dose would be 45 – 60 drops of the infused liquid 3X/ day or TID (Approx 1 tsp 3/ Day before meals) May be added to glass of water to dilute the ACV.

***   Now to that formula I have added some additional herbs very specific in my research to Rx Pancreas/ adrenal and glandular balance

to the above Christopher formula , please add:

1 pt Sassafrass bark

1 pt Burdock Root : these 2 herbs work synergistically to sooth the Pituitary/ Pineal glands (as in my appetite suppressant formula)

1 pt Olive leaf : Olive leaf works specific  to pancreas/ liver and biliary systems. Olive leaf is also a major Vaso-Dilator and can be used in conjunction with the Cayenne pepper or can be used in Lieu of the Cayenne as some people deem it very harsh to take internally. Also Olive leaf is an broad spectrum anti-biotic which is helpful if there are any stones involved in Gall bladder or liver.(Gall Stones will often carry bacteria from a toxic liver)

I feel this information needs to be shared.

thank You,


Here is Dr. Christophers Legacy website:


search pancreatitis.