TinMan’s Joint Remedy

Pain: Chronic Muscular/ Skeletal

There is a huge difference between acute, (sudden onset) pain and “Chronic Pain”. There is also a huge difference in the way treatment is applied. Acute pain can usually be resolved with temporary powerful pain killing drugs, the application of ice/ cold alternating with Heat on an effected area, or elevation or total rest including immobilization of a body part such as a splint.

Chronic Pain, however, requires a different approach to treatment. Again Pain medications can help. But in My Humble Opinion, (MHO), pain pills usually complicate matters with serious side effects, Unintended Consequences, (like addiction) or some other systemic involvement like kidney failure, liver damage, or respiratory impairment, making the original injury seem secondary.

I never understood the immediate response by physicians, to treat a symptom and not the problem. Popping pills has become a national pastime. Most cases of Chronic Pain revolve around inflammation of surrounding tissues. If these tissues are not permanently damaged, they eventually will be if the problem isn’t addressed and not by just relieving the symptom, (pain).

Here is a typical example. For years I drove truck, often driving 1200 miles a week. through age and being a bit overweight, my spinal column suffered with a natural degenerative disk problem. Often lifting objects, machinery and boxes, resulting in muscle strain contributed greatly to the problem. Over the years, this line of work took it’s collective toll on my back, resulting in Sciatica. Sciatic pain is caused from pressure/ irritation on this rather large nerve where it passes through the vertebra in the lower back, and travels down the leg. This burning pain is is debilitating to say the least. But the pain is exacerbated by inflammation and subsequent swelling of the surrounding tissues.

Theres not a whole lot that can be done to correct the degenerated disk causing the narrowing and pressure on this nerve, short of major back surgery. And I have found that the surgeons scalpel rarely corrects the problem (again, unintended consequences). 

 I theorize I can relieve the inflammation on the surrounding tissue to to diminish the pain significantly by using anti-inflammatory agents. This is where the allopathic doctor prescribes NSAIDS, ie: Ibuprofin, Naproxin Sodium, Motrin, Acetameniphen, etc. My approach was to research naturally occurring compounds that act the same way, but do not have to be delivered systemically or involve the very nasty side effects of long term NSAID use. I rationalized that an all natural, botanical based, topical anti-inflammatory was the answer. Apply a healing Balm directly over the effected or injured area and massage the pain away.

I researched and developed such a balm and have tested it (on myself and now others) with astonishing early results. The herbal oils are absorbed directly over the injured area, not having to ingest them through the digestive tract, then through the circulatory system. The inflammation recedes dramatically. Within 30 minutes, I could feel the pain melting away.

I have tried this on various sources of chronic pain and it shows varying, but very positive results. The joint remedy even worked on damaged connective tissue injuries, Torn Rotator Cuff, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Osteo-Arthritis in hands and feet, Sore knees where there was previous ligament/ tendon damage from injury. It even worked on chronic hip pain.

In severely debilitating cases, I also utilize a tincture form of this blend to take as a daily supplemental fluid extract. The two similar compounds work together as an effective adjunct to deminish the pain

The Balm consists of some old, even ancient herbal compounds, so they are tried and true. But what became a Blinding Flash of the Obvious, (BFO), was the synergistic combination of these herbs seems to pull together to work remarkably well, sort of the whole being stronger than the individual parts.

The healing Balm, which I call “TinMan’s Joint Remedy”  is a carefully formulated blend of the following herbal compounds:

Comfrey, (Symphytum Officianale)

Sarsaparilla, (Aralia Nudicaulis)

Devils Claw, (Harpogophytum Procumbens)

Plantain, (Plantago Major)

White Pine Bark, (Pinus Strobus

Ginger Root, ( Zingiber Officianale) , (Freshly grated)

Oil of Wintergreen, (Gaultheria Procumbens) Wintergreen, besides having a pleasant aroma, enhances absorption and penetration to deep tissues.

All blended in a base of Organic Olive oil (Olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory in it’s own right).

Bees Wax to form a consistency to apply the blend evenly.

To find out more, contact me, The TinMan through this blog or my Email

Below, is a link to article written by the reknowned Dr. Julian Whitaker who agrees that popping pills is not the only answer to chronic joint pain. There are effective and healthier natural alternatives to a debilitating, painful experience.

Below is the link to Dr Whitaker’s article


The TinMan



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7 responses to “TinMan’s Joint Remedy

  1. arctic fox

    I am most interested in trying out this salve, both for myself and others. What are the quantities of each herb, especially in proportion? Am I right in assuming these are mostly in essential oil form, except the ginger?

    • Nooooooo, do not use essential oils. That would cause skin scald. I used infused oils. Essential oils are very powerful and should be used with a lot of caution. I used some diluted essential oils once for what I thought was a skin fungus between my toes. even diluted, I burned the top of my foot until it bled. It was a subtle burn, not noticable until it was too late.
      I still use essential oils in many preparations, but I am much more respectful of their power.
      Always be careful

  2. arctic fox

    Thanks! I appreciate the warning. I see the term “oil” (as in Oil of Wintergreen mentioned above), and these days always wonder which it is. So what amounts of each herb mentioned–equal amounts? Differing proportions? And, again, I am making an assumption–the herbs are dried, not fresh?

  3. Arrabaeta

    The TinMan is Wise!
    Love you!

  4. dave

    you offered additional info in the article. i would like to see more.
    i have not tried herbal before but my wife is in great pain from an inflamed sacroiliac . i think that she would be willing to try anything that will help.
    and i don’t want to see her hooked on the pain meds she is taking now.


  5. Jamie

    Your pain tinture and tea have given me such relief from pain…….I cannot thank you enough for your kindness……You are indeed a Wise One…………..Jamie

  6. Lorraine

    I am visiting a dear friend in Berkley, MA this wk and saw this website for the 1st time today. What a treasure trove of gentle, loving wisdom you offer to your readers! Please continue your blessings on those whose lives you touch!

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