Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

The use of Magnesium to stabilize and control Blood Pressure


I just completed a medical experiment on myself.  The results were so dramatic that I had to share them with you.

I plan to do this once a day, every day, for a week to determine if this is just a fluke or if I really may be on to something here.

Those of you who know me personally know I’m dealing with some issues over my blood pressure spiking randomly, seemingly without precursor or cause.  I’ve asked my doctor about this and all he said was, “He didn’t know”.  So, again, I find myself looking for answers that the experts either don’t care to know, don’t know, or both.  The experts whose interests only seem to revolve around supplying me with pharmaceuticals to correct an unknown problem, of unknown origin, expecting unknown results.

Blood Pressure.  We all have it, and sometimes it seems to get a little out of control for our own good. Lately mine has been elevated.  My doctor has prescribed medication for me, an ACE inhibitor (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme). This type of medication inhibits my body from producing this enzyme, causing vasoconstriction.  This makes sense, so I’m taking it.  The drug is Benazapril Hydrochochloride 40Mg. QD (once a day).  My doctor also recommends that I take a Beta Blocker, which decreases heart muscle contractions allowing the heart to work less as it slows and eases the beat.  It also helps with fluid retention.

This combination has not worked well……..

I complained to my Doctor that it wasn’t working, as my BP is still elevated and now occasionally spiking into a red zone that could be dangerous if prolonged.  It’s also kicking my ass. I feel fatigued, no energy, wiped out by mid-day, experiencing brain fog.  So, I complained to my Doctor.  I didn’t feel the Beta Blocker was doing anything positive, as my BP was still elevated and I feel like a wrung out wash cloth.  My doctor increased my dosages (Doubled) and now wants to add another diuretic to relieve additional fluid from the body.  He recommends Hydrochlorothiazide, which acts directly on the kidneys and pushes fluids through me like a five year old at a water park.  No, thank you.  I refused a thiazide diuretic for a couple of reasons.  Thiazide drains fluids so rapidly, it tends to pull much needed electrolytes right out of the body along with the fluids.  Electrolytes such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc.  When Thiazide is used even short term, supplementation of these trace elements becomes imperative.

I decided to take a natural diuretic, an extract of Dandelion Root (I make myself).  Dandelion Roots cause the exact same diuretic effect, but don’t just work on the kidneys.  Dandelion isn’t as stressful on the kidneys as the Thiazide.  Dandelion root works on a cellular level controlling fluids in the entire system, not just the kidneys, (and in my humble opinion, is extremely effective).  Also, Dandelion is super rich in trace elements, including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.  So no supplementation is necessary.  Supplementation is automatic.

Not many people realize that Magnesium is the mineral that actually controls dilation and constriction of blood vessels.  Many of us are Magnesium deficient and don’t even know it. Blood tests don’t reveal the true levels of Magnesium in the body.  Oral supplementation of Magnesium is also a poor way to absorb this mineral as most of it is destroyed in the stomach and lower intestine. Approximately only 20% is actually absorbed when taken as part of the diet or through oral supplementation.  Under normal well conditions, this may be sufficient.

As an Herbalist I know that absorption can actually be obtained “Transdermally,” through the skin. As an herbalist, I have often used foot baths as a delivery system of herbal preparations, for example,  my liver cleanse is actually a foot bath of detoxifying herbs and is not taken orally. Application and absorption of essential oils is very effective through the soles or bottom of the feet, including trace elements and minerals.  Knowing this, I theorize I can absorb enough magnesium transdermally by foot bath to defeat a deficiency.

Now for my medical experiment, initially done on 8/13/10:

Epsom Salt is nothing more than Magnesium Sulfate…. period.  That’s all, just 100% Magnesium sulfate.

I took my Blood Pressure tonight and again it was elevated.  167/ 97 .  I put 1/2 cup of Magnesium Sulfate, (Epsom Salt) in a basin and dissolved it in hot water.  I started to soak my feet in the bath.  I left the BP cuff attached to my arm and took my BP every 5 minutes for 20 minutes during the entire procedure.

The results are as follows, at 5 min intervals

  • 167/ 97
  • 165/ 87
  • 138/ 87
  • 160/ 82
  • 110/ 81

This little test concludes, (for the moment), that the trace element Magnesium can be absorbed “transdermally” through the feet and work to effect a vasodilation of the blood vessels, thus lowering the blood pressure in a safe, gentle, and enjoyable way.

At present, I’m looking forward to my next foot bath.

Experiment UPDATE 08/20/10:

I realized after performing one therapy foot soak, that a complete bath might be in order and increased the amount of Magnesium Sulfate to 1 cup per bath as I soaked my whole body.  I continued to do this daily for the next 4 days.  Each day the results were the same, “a dramatic drop in Blood pressure over a 20 minute period.  In fact, over a 20 minute bath period, my BP had dropped by half. That’s a 50% reduction and a good maintenance level.  However, I noticed after the first transdermal application, (the Epsom Salt bath), that my blood pressure started to climb within an hour after my bath. I was thinking the good results I was getting were not long lasting, but I continued to do this every day.  And as I did, the results lasted longer and longer so that by the end of the week, my blood pressure was remaining at healthy levels throughout the day and evening.  

Today, after five consecutive days of this TMT (Transdermal Magnesium Therapy) bath, my BP results were as follows:

  • 168/ 139      P 89    upon awaking in the AM
  • 165/ 120      P 71    upon entering the Epsom Salt(magnesium) bath
  • 155/ 94        P 85    then in 5 minute intervals
  • 143/ 96        P 77
  • 142/ 101      P 77
  • 133/ 83        P 78

This is representative of the results on a daily basis.  I am sure that the transdermal absorption of Magnesium is successful using this methodology.  It appears that the increase of Magnesium available to my body is successfully dilating the blood vessels to a healthier , safer level.  And this treatment leaves me feeling fresh, invigorated and not mentally and physically fatigued.  I feel good after my magnesium soak.

I continue to take one daily dose of the ACE inhibitor and an Herbal Calcium Channel Blocker in extract form.  I’m also including a daily Transdermal Magnesium Therapy soak. This combination seems to have stabilized my blood pressure with no ill effects or side effects.

Any comments? Questions?  Please feel free to contact me through the blog or my email at

Thank you,




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3 responses to “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

  1. Rod…I for one am thrilled about your results! Hopefully, this will be “the” key of success for your issues with an elevated B/P, and this, it would appear, has little effort other than a relaxing foot soak! Great news indeed…keep us posted on your progress….Bella

  2. Debbie

    After finding your site, I looked into BP and magnesium and came across a few site re controlling it by slow breathing. Apparently it works, I haven’t tried it myself, I have just been told I have mildly elevated BP, so am going to try it. Anything to not take medication. Good luck.

    • Tin Man

      Dear Debbie,

        I’m glad you found my blog site. Thank you for parusing the articles I’ve written. I have been an herbalist for years now, but am quite new to this blogging thing. I have controlled my slightly benign High Blood Pressure for a few years now , mostly with herbal preparations.

         My doctor has tried me on a few different pharmaceuticals , but I have had better luck with the herbals and I don’t suffer any side effects.

      I am on an ACE inhibitor, (which I agreed to), but when He wanted me on a Beta Blocker I said No. I told him I think I should be on a calcium channel blocker. He told me to just double my dose of Beata Blocker, (Atenenol). I did for a month and my BP got worse

         There is an Herb called Angelica, (Archangelica Officianalis), which is an natural ACE inhibitor and it contains 12 constituants which are a Calcium Channel Blocker. Angelica is also anti-inflammatory and is an effective Anti-Anginal. That is it will dilate the coronary arteries around the heart to relieve Anginal pain and prevent the myocardium from becoming eschemic.

      Angelic works best as a Fluid extract rather than an infusion/ Tea, (I have tried both). I have added angelica tincture to my Blood Pressure reduction tincture and it has completely stabilized my blood pressure, especially the diastolic pressure

       The angelica was the key to prevent my BP from Spiking.

      My Blood Pressure tincture consists of a blend of Hawthorn berry, Hawthorn leaf and flowers, MotherWort, Skullcap, Linden Flowers, Ginko, Astragalus, Red Clover, Dandelion root (Powerful Diuretic), Eleuthro, Angelica and Cayenne.

      I use a strong Ginger Brandy (100 proof) as a Menstrum.

      My Bp is maintained with 1 TBS in the morning and 1 TBS in the evening. But when I first tried this blend my BP bottomed out in 15 minutes. So a starter doseage is required to see how well  an individual can tolerate this. This is one potent natural blend for controling Blood pressure.

      I have found that a conjunction of Blood pressure tincture and an increase in my magnesium levels has my BP under my control. Please feel free to write back if you have any questions

       And Yes, I can make the tincture/ extract for you

      The TinMan


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