More on Rosemary Extract/ tea

I’d like to discuss just a bit further the topic of using Rosemary tea and it’s extracts for theraputic purposes. Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs, ancient in it’s use, wonderfully fragrant, useful in the kitchen as a flavoring AND a preservative.

Over the centuries, Rosemary’s properties have been well documented as an analgesic pain killer, anti-septic, anti-biotic, anti-viral. It is a remarkable Nervine and anti-inflammatory.

My focus today is on some of these theraputic values as an herbal medicine. I primarily use Rosemary tea to treat headaches in people, specifically Migraines. Rosemary when served as a warm infusion, (tea), relaxes and dilates the smooth muscle tissue in the arteries and veins causing a vaso-dilation. Thus relieving tension type headaches. Heart muscle, (Myocardium) is also smooth muscle. Rosemary relaxes the heart and the cardio-vascular matrix of veins and arteries (also the nervous system). Because of this feature, rosemary is a helpful, pleasant and gentle way to treat blood pressure and heart disease.

In Medieval times Rosemary was thought to enhance memory and treat “general weaknesses of the brain”.

From the ancient “Grete” Herbal”:

‘ROSEMARY. – For weyknesse of ye brayne. Against weyknesse of the brayne and coldenesse thereof, sethe rosemaria in wyne and lete the pacyent receye the smoke at his nose and keep his heed warme

Presently in Europe, Rosemary extracts are showing promise in treating Alzheimers disease.

Rosemary since Biblical times has been looked to for treatment of all ailments. French hospitals and sick chambers from as early as the dark ages burned Rosemary leaves and wood as an incense to ward off disease. This use is Not far fetched as the simple smoke from burning Rosemary would carry the rosmarinic acid into the air and kill all airborne bacteria and viruses. This has been proven in recent studies done at Weber State University. Their study showed that some plant sterols including Oil of Rosemary can effectively kill 99% of all airborne bacteria and viruses. This is the reason I use Essential Oil of Rosemary as one of the anti-viral ingredients in my Thieves Oil, anti-flu herbal preparation.

Because of the actions of another constituant in Rosemary extract, Carnosic Acid, it has shown to reduce or restrict growth in cancer tumors, specifically breast cancer. Also Carnosic acid is now being shown as to regenerate, rebuild damaged nerves.

Rosemary extract, including Oil of Rosemary is a very powerful tool in any herbal first aid kit. The amazing thing is, you probably have some sitting in your kitchen spice rack.

If you’d like to know more on Rosemary and it’s remarkable health benefits, contact The TinMan at Belfire Botanicals.



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