Welcome to Belfire Botanicals

This Blog will be dealing with alternative health issues including theraputic herbology and natural health sciences



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11 responses to “Welcome to Belfire Botanicals

  1. Marc

    This is a great thing you are doing. You always give so much of yourself to help others. God must have a special plan for people like you. Thanks again for everything old friend. Hope to see you soon.

    • belimawr47

      Thanks Marc, This is something I am driven to do. I feel guidence and encouragement in doing this. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do what I do for years to come

  2. Dr Dr. Rod,
    Why do people say beans beans the magical fruit when beans are vegetables?
    What type of beetle is eating my friggin herbs?!! They’re small and brown..not japanese beetles…but the little fuckers are eating my herbs (leaves)..! Ugh!

    Thank you for your assitance!

    • belimawr47

      H’mmmm, Something tells me it’s not little green fairies eating your herbs.
      Speaking of “The Green Fae”, I have a recipe for traditional Absinthe. One shot of this stuff and you wont care what’s eating your garden…….. LOL

      • Arrabaeta

        I still have to try that but my supply on 151 Rum is dwindling. I get home, hubby’s pissed about something, I go to the freezer(where It’s kept), pour a shot and whaddayakno, I don’t care…..who knew 151 Rum byitself was so good!

    • Arrabaeta

      Hey Bella. Rod give you the green fairy recipe yet? I wonder if it would be better laced with pot?

      • Hi Arrabaeta!

        Nope…No green fae recipe yet…but, I’ll work on him a bit, and eventually—it will be mine…muuhhaaaaa…and what the hell isnt better with pot in it?!! And Sir Roderick of the North…if the little green fairies were to blame..I’d just leave them a shot of milk and a few pennies…and they’d leave my shit alone! But beetles??? NOOOOO…of course not!

  3. Arrabaeta

    Hey Dr. Rod, Mr TinMan!
    I totally agree that this is a great thing you’re doing.
    When I was reading your blog or whatever you call it on Rosemary, I was thinking about that nervine tea me and Stormy like so much and how much Rosemary is in it. Do you think this would be a good place to hang recipe’s? You should write a good article on Wild Lettuce. I was reading something on Holisticonline.com about wild lettuce

    • Tin Man

      all in due time my little Arrabaeta. Wild lettuce will be on my list of herbs to blog about. I have extensive experience using that in herbal preparations, teas and tinctures. It has been a valuable tool in my bag of herbal magic

  4. Hey….is Arrabaeta….Becky? Peek a boo…I know u…;-)

  5. Dear Dr. RodSod,

    Can the azalea cause previously normal canine sperm to become abnormal in morphology?

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